Hello to everyone who is still faithful to me, although nothing has happened here for a long time! I could apologize here now about thousand times but I prefer to announce good news instead:
I start my practical semester in the production management at Warwick in Markneukirchen in the middle of February. This will have the consequence that it will stay quiet in this place, too, until I have my Diplom thesis behind me and know exactly where it will bring me "definitely".
-Hildesheim, 11.04.2006

Hello! Nice to see you here again!!! Nothing has admittedly changed here for a long time! But for this now with swing ...
My site is available in an English language version now, too! I have imagined, that so perhaps the visitors from the foreign countries in a foreign language will enjoy more my side ...
Unfortunately, otherwise there is to report quite little new one, in the studies I am quite successful at the moment and approach always more the Diplom-examination! This semester becomes unfortunately with its 3 projects and more houseworks plus the 7 exams so labor-intensive, that I am not able to complete some guitar projects, even if some stand shortly before the completion! I am really sorry I have to put off the curious ones under you once more, but the studies proceed!
-Hildesheim, 03.28.2006

Okay then…ATTENTION!!! IMPORTANT!!! I succeeded to write my intermediate exam this semester!
I like to receive congratulations in the visitor's book or in mail form, the address for sending factual presents can be asked over the same way, provided that this shouldn't be known! *lol*
Furthermore I still can point out that an animation is online of the Firebird also now, the click there is worthwhile in any case!
I hope I can complete some of my projects in the near future to then present them proudly in this place! Until there -- keep you brave!
-Hildesheim, 9-5-2005

Howdy folks! Since I began to be surprised sometime why I don't get any feedback to my site of you, I have gone onto my site once myself and noticed that both the contact form doesn't work and the provider of my guestbook disappeared without any comment! For my excuse I only can say: I surf on my own home page at least of all! Now I have no costs and troubles shunned to provide you a real, conventional guestbook which really should work on every browser now!
In return I expect, though, that everybody makes an entry in here! ...I hope that I have eradicated all children's diseases now and can write something new to the topic guitars in the next news-column!
-Hildesheim, 5-19-2005

Attention! This wonderful Internet presence is online in the version 1.3 now! The source code has essentially been refined so that there still might be less problems with the huge number of the browsers used by you now. In addition, have I recognized that more than 65% of you have a resolution of 1024 x768. I have submitted and adapted the complete site to this dictation!
Furthermore I have diligently experimented in the vacation and hope for to be able to announce you pioneering news soon here! Until there: keep the ears in the wind steeply!
-Hildesheim, 3-1-2005

And? How does it stand around your good firm intentions? Smoking begun again? For my part I have to announce that I have already worked off a good firm intention for this year! I got this damned contact form running!
So what does who not dare to write into my visitor's book, or has to tell me something very private or who is to sloth to e-mail - the completely uncomplicated possibility of the use of the said form is open to it now! Therefore hit the buttons - so I would already like to know who pushes off here!
In addition, I expect numerous congratulations messages for my birthday this month!*smile*
I will devote myself again to the statics of all sorts of systems -- the exams unfortunately don't pass themselves alone!
-Hildesheim, 1-11-2005

So then - farewell 2004! I would like to wish you a good slide and a terrific start in the year 2005. Among other things I intend to put a working contact form online next year. Who has tried to reach me about this, may forgive me that I haven't answered, the form only feigns the functionality! However, I must leave it online so that some experts can take care of this problem. Thank you for the understanding!
Otherwise again all best for the new year ... Here's to the New Year of 2005 !!!
-Hildesheim, 12-31-2004

So people! If one can say that a hompage is ready - this one is! The good one has resisted also with hands and feet to work smoothly. I had to program it completely newly once and still then had trouble with the guestbook. But now everything should work properly. If it does not, please report actually!
Go and have a lot of fun with it rummage - I will have vocation of the computer and prepare for the coming exams now!
-Hildesheim, 12-9-2004

The best news very first: I am finally now, too online !!! Yes, it has taken long enough to overcome this enormous information flood about web design... and all this next to the studies and all things still lining up otherwise! I am pretty proud of what you see here now! I hope the work has been worthwhile and you can take a little valuable information of my site along for you !!! If you, however, haven't found after what you have searched, simply write me an e-mail ... Questions are answered 100%. Otherwise I only can refer to the interlinked sites!
-Hildesheim, 11-18-2004