The new Concept: 0%M

The new concepts name is: “0%M”

In plaintext: 100% handmade and 0% machined!

That stands for: Exclusivness, craftmenship and highest quality products. Ich guarantee there won’t be more than 6 pieces of this product-line leaving my workshop per year.

Das bedeutet: You’ll purchase a product with a ideal carbon-footprint – hand-operated tools consume absolutely no electric power, the light in my workshop is powered by 100% green electricity (what applies to non-0%M-products too).

Every product of this line will recieve a special mark and a certificate of authenticity in which I assure that no electrical machinery was used during manufacturing. The sawmill will be the last place the wood has contact to a machine (Of course I reserve the right to manufacture products using electrical machinery still – but these will not have the “0%M”-mark and won’t have a certificate either).