An inlay consists out of differently materials (wood, shell, metal, gemstones) which are ordered so besides each other they become a picture in the end. This picture then is let in into the strap material. Therefore arises the impression, if it is made well, as if the picture is component of the whole not as on painted. Boundless possibilities don’t command the creativity any limits. The pointed here shows only a small portion of the possibility. Who has an idea for his instrument should get in touch with me and we talk over this!

This head plate inlay I made for Dommenget-Custom Guitars … The heart is made of white mother-of-pearl, the upper part of the shield of black Trochus, the lower part of a green abalone. The handle of the sword is made of a blue abalone and the blade and the frame of the shield then became silver.The whole piece was engraved and colored with black, or red ink.

The head plate is a classic place for discreet inlays as for the rest which indicate the instrument as something quite special in a simple way. Because not everybody likes large, splendid ornamentations – some even may find this a kitsch. I don’t understand this, but I must accept it … Although a personal, small head plate inlay then is an alternative!

I also have conjured this lovely prehistoric tiger for Boris Dommenget. Due to his length of almost 18 cm he was joined together from 6 single pieces of mother-of-pearl and later also engraved and inked .

According to latest information Mr Dommenget has kept the guitar with this inlay and plays it himself. What fulfills me with pride a little anyway! *´smile*

This beautiful angel is the soundhole inlay to my “LilGothic” acoustics guitar – is here very nice to see having combined shell and wood inlays. The wings are made of flamed maple, the little dress from walnut root, the hair is of lovely shimmering abalone and all parts of the body are out of mother-of-pearl. I have engraved also here and then inked the face. Such a work really increases the value of the instrument and completely makes it to something special.

Monograms like this are a simple but very effective way to decorate a guitar. one can choose between all sorts of materials again, too! Whatever one can imagine – I insert it! Initials, names, strokes, band-logos…

By the way my name finds itself automatic as an inlay on every head plate – couldn’t be canceled either! *smile*

Fretboard inlays always were a popular and far common way to decorate guitars. Usually this is dots (fenderstyle) or block-/ trapezium inlays (gibsonstyle). But there are also no limits set the imagination: Also for this work one can strokes, birdies (allusion to PRS), wolves, dragons, trees of life… for this work one can use all materials which are possible also for all other inlays!