Get ready for the final round…

It seems to be a bit unreal to me, but I am currently writing my diploma-thesis – after finishing this one it is once and for all over with the “easy-life” of a student. But I guess the time at Warwick was a good preparation for the real-life out there. After considering all pro’s and con’s I decided not to stay in Markneukirchen (where Warwick resides) and to write my thesis directly at the University of Applied Sciences in Hildesheim. That makes sense due to the topic of the thesis has got to do with research and development and I have all the possibilities that Warwick is unable to provide me (apart from the topic itself).
I will puplish the topic of my thesis here, when there are things to publish.
Until then: Have a good time and take care everybody.
Hildesheim – 10-04-2007