Rathje Custom Guitars now officially “engineered”!

Since the 1st of February (2008) all Rathje Custom Guitars are officially “engineered” – What does that mean? Actually nothing changes – Same old, same old. Also for the future I will keep trying to put as much innovation and originallity as possible in my projects.

My diploma-thesis – a research-project with topic “Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Holzwerkstoffen im E-Gitarrenbau” (“Capability of wood-based-material in e-guitarmaking”) went out to be really successful (It even got awarded by the “Förderverein Holzingenieurwesen” [“Booster Club Wood-Engineering]) and clamours for a sequel. Maybe I will publish the conclusion of my thesis when intended. Topics for the future may be for example the tonal influence of the nut-material (bone, synthetics, graphite…). I plan to initiate the “Guitar Research Project”. Objective will be fundamental research – and clarification of several myths of guitars.

But I don’t want to promise too much, first I have to find a job, do the relocation, incorporation, qualification… so it might be, that it remains a little silent for the next weeks also.
But ia am very happy and proud to call the “Dipl.-Ing. (FH)” mine finally and have a lot hope for a bright future.
– Behringen 03-12-2008