Story: My brother Martin, a very enthusiastic and talented guitarist dreamt of the Firebird once. I said to him he shall try it in a guitar-shop sometime anyway and then report his experiences to me. He did this promptly and was totaly enthusiastic about it, but as a Strat-player he found the 635mm measure typical for Gibson unpleasant and acclimatization needy, however. In addition, this instrument wasn’t available in sunburst by Epiphone, and the original was anything but reasonable priced to my brother as a pupil! Since I was still working in the workshop of Boris Dommenget at that time, I took the opportunity and manufactured this challenging piece of guitar architecture. I think the designer wanted to go for certain that his concept isn’t copied by amateurs by the angled, continuous neck and the conical “wings” of this beauty . With the original pickup equipping it has been successful to get a genuine Firebird-Sound, despite the atypical long scale! Model: Firebird
Description: E-Guitar
Scale: 647.7mm
Head plate: Continuous; Mahogany/walnut tree; Reliefshaping; high gloss lacquered
Mechanics: Original “firebird” banjo mechanics; closed; chrome
Saddle: bone
Neck: Mahogany/ walnut tree; 7 streaky
Fingerboard: Ebony; trapezium-inlays
Frets: 22 german silver-Jumbofrets
Neck form: D-round
Neck thickness: 1st fret: 19,00mm; 12th fret: 21,00mm
Neck width: 44,00mm (saddle); 54,00mm (12th fret)
Neck joint: neck-through
Body: stucked-on Mahogany-wing Bodythickness: 45mm
Pickups: 2x firebird-minihumbucker
Elektronics: passive; 2x Volume; 2x Tone
Bridge: Tuning-O-Matic with solid aluminium tailpiece
String height:  E-1st: 1,6; E-6th: 2,0 (mm)
Surfaces: “classicburst” NC varnish
Gewicht: ca.3,5kg
Specials: Firebird atypical scale of 647,7 mm; engraved pickguard
Value: € 4300 incl. flightcase


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