Story: My debut as a guitarmaker. I was tired of the compromises which must be made if one purchases an instrument of the rod. Since I am a fan of Metallicas James Hetfield, I have adhered to his Ken Lawrence Explorer a little at the design! The shaping is completely independent and slimmer, though. Who knows the Explorer has to know these sleek beauties tug at the belt very much. Therefor I hollowed the corpus and achieved a refreshingly low weight with that. This semi-hollow-body has been made to contribute his to the replete Sound, the clear tone and the singing sustain. The pickups I assembled are James’ common pickups and provide a sound like hell. In the end I with this piece i created a guitar as it is perfect to me! I have introduced myself to Boris Dommenget with this guitar with the result that I started working in his company. The high requirements of this professional ennoble this instrument. Model: NU X-Plorer
Description: E-Guitar
Scale: 647mm
Head plate: glued on; Maple, Mahogany veneered; mat lacquered
Mechanics: 6-in-line; Schaller Tremlock; chrome satin
Saddle: pure bone
Neck: Maple with walnut tree-skunkstripe
Fingerboard: Walnut with effortful aluminium-inlays
Frets: 22 german silver-Jumbofrets
Neck form: D-flat
Neck thickness: 1st fret: 20,00mm; 12th fret: 21,00mm
Neck width: 43,00mm (saddle); 52,00mm (12th fret)
Neck joint: screwed; 4 Bolts
Body: Sipo-Mahogany, semihollowed with a carved top
Bodythickness: 45mm
Pickups: 2x EMG-81 (Humbucker)
Elektronics: active; 2x Volume; 2x Tone;9V-battery
Bridge: die-cast, string through body; chrome satin
String height:  E-1st: 1,4; E-6th: 1,8 (mm)
Surfaces: hard varnish sealing
Gewicht: ca.3,5kg
Specials: sleek form-case
Value: € 3200 incl. case

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